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It is good to see in ruby tag either ruby1.9 and ruby1.8. It shouldn't be synonymous but some kind of root tag, which includes all version tags.

It is not about ruby of course :) but about all tags.

I think adding such kind of nesting wlll be good.



actually I was talking about quite another thing: I want to see just versioning TAGS. As far as I am looking on ruby tag I want to see ruby1.8 and ruby1.9 and ruby and all other virsions tags! And ruby-on-rails should include ruby-on-rails-3 and ruby-on-rails2 and so on. IT IS NOT ABOUT HIERARCHY and tags nesting. It is about just including all versions tag into main tag without version.

I think this topic should be reopened


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I don't know ruby at all, but if it is mostly like any other language out there, if you can answer ruby-1.9 you can also answer ruby-1.8. There's also the problem of how to tag the question: if a question is not really specific to a particular version, which one you use? ruby-1.8? ruby-1.9? ruby-latest? ruby-all? It seems to me that it would add a whole level of complexity without any added value.

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