Another re-emergence of an old profile bug in the new stackexchange.com aggregate profile. Tag wiki edits are not listed properly and instead link to nothingness.

I actually didn't realize I made it up to 550 characters on that one...

As with what it looks like on the individual profile activity page, it should list the wiki excerpt and body entries as links.

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... sort of.

For now we're not actually showing revisions and edits to tag wikis in the global profile.

There was a bug in the "don't try and show those" code, which revealed why its kind of a pain to show those events.

We'll probably be adding those in the "not incredibly distant" future, but for now they're hidden.


To have at least a workaround while the tag-info edits are hidden from the network profile, here are some SEDE queries as a possible workaround. (Keep in mind that the database is only updated once a week - so you won't see such edits immediately.)

I have used my own edits as an example - the queries can be used for any user, by changing the parameter accountid.

Of course, if you're interested only in the edits on a single site, the corresponding query will be much simpler and less likely to time out.

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