Does Area 51 also include closed questions in its statistics?

For example, is the number of answers per question reported for a site in beta influenced by closed questions, or are those questions not considered?

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We use numbers returned by the public /stats api, e.g. http://api.gaming.stackexchange.com/1.1/stats:

answeredPercentage = 100 - (total_unanswered / total_questions * 100);
answerRatio = total_answers / (total_questions * answeredPercentage / 100);

But slightly confusingly, the api's return values for total_questions and total_answers include closed questions, but total_unanswered doesn't.

So, answeredPercentage ("% answered" on the stats page) is actually "percentage of questions that have been resolved" ...either by an answer or by closing.

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