I have posted a few times and answered my own questions. Normally it was because I was overlooking something or just plain doing something stupid. So I deleted the post thinking it would not benefit anybody else. What is the MO for keeping your posts? At the same time I am afraid if I answer my own posts (because I truly found an answer) then people may vote my answer down, when in fact I was keeping it up in case it helped someone else.

Can an answer to your own post even be voted up by another person?


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Deleting your posts when it is not helpful, or not relevant, or when it is contained inside another answer is a good idea, and removes clutter in general.

It is actually stated in the FAQ that answering your own questions is OK. And you can even obtain a badge for it if you have 3 up votes on an answer to your own question. (Self-Learner badge: Answered your own question with at least 3 up votes)

But if you have any kind of value in your question/answer, even if you answered your own question, you should keep it up. Even when your answer is not the best, and even if it has 0 votes, it might help someone who finds the answer and has a slightly different problem than the person who accepted the other answer had.

2 other badges worth mentioning around this topic are:

  • Peer Pressure: Deleted own post with 3 or more downvotes
  • Disciplined: Deleted own post with 3 or more upvotes

These 2 badges are to encourage deletion of posts that are just bloating the system I presume.


Oh also, if you delete it after having received some down votes, then you get a "Peer Pressure" badge. I just got one.


Yes an answer to your own question can be voted up.

If your answer is something that could be helpful to somebody else, then definitely leave it.


Please don't delete your own posts unless the question has been downvoted - add your answer and let others learn from it!