I recently placed an order on the Stack Exchange Online Store beta. I received a friendly confirmation email, but no estimate of when my merchandise would arrive or any sort of tracking mechanism. It would be nice if we could be provided with a FedEx or UPS or USPS or whatever you use tracking code so that we could anxiously refresh a webpage hoping that our highly anticipated loot will arrive sooner if we can see where in Tennessee it's sitting on a truck.

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This has now been implemented. I ordered a shirt on August 21st, and received this email:

Dear name,

The following shipped items from order #n have been updated with new shipping information:

1x Super User T-Shirt - Medium / White

They are being shipped via shipping service with tracking number ##########. You can see the status of this shipment at the following URL:


Please allow some time for the status of the shipment to correctly display at the above address.

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