When you're viewing a question, there's a list of "Related" questions on the right. I propose that a small icon be added to the titles that indicates if they're currently answered or not. I often use this list to jump from question to question, and if I can easily identify ones that are still unanswered, that's ideal.


Very nice idea! The list of related questions is often very long and some further hints might be really beneficial for someone looking for answers (or questions).


It's unlikely we will do this, since we want people to explore related questions regardless of their status, or number of answers.

The only salient point is that the question has a strong relationship to the current question, based on

  • title match
  • tags match (heavily weighted)
  • body text match
  • An item missing from the list is * links to the question currently being viewed This would make a lot of sense to include, yes?
    – Aidan Ryan
    Aug 7 '09 at 19:45
  • @Jeff: yes, Jeff, but you are actually discouraging us, I only stick to query searches, now, they are so much more effective.
    – user202311
    Nov 23 '12 at 5:30

I've voted for this, but note that the current Related Questions feature gives you this when you start to ask a question. Another case of the Related Questions being better than Search.

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