When I view my Stack Exchange profile, it lists my highest voted questions and answers for the entire network. Can we see our top comments as well?

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    Once, Jeff wrote: "your best comments will also show up in your user profile page, but this isn’t implemented yet." (That said, I don't really think upvoted comments mean a lot. When they are important, they should be merged with a question or answer instead, I'd say.) – Arjan Apr 26 '11 at 15:51

Not exact one, but there is a API query for each site like this for example


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  • Probably a greasemonkey script can combine those all and new tab. – YOU Apr 26 '11 at 15:27

Yeah... not so much:

  • Dude, I know you don't have that many friends. I was actually being nice when I put down 100, but if it makes you feel better let's put down 1,000, ok?
  • "Why can’t there be an “ultimate” programming language?" - Because Chuck Norris is busy
  • You win 1 internet. Prize may be redeemed at the ARPANET counter.
  • Q: what do you consider to be your forte? A: Well, I like to keep it between my three-tay nine, and four-tay one
  • Rule 37: There is no overkill. There is only "open fire", and "time to reload".
  • Scaled pixels have had that fish-skin texture removed from them, usually through mechanical abrasion.
  • I have found a truly marvelous fault in your solution which this box is too small to contain.
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