Being an SO addict and a reputation junkie, I'd like to see a list of questions that fall into my competence* and have an open bounty. Is there any way to achieve that?

* = Question matching some of my tags, or questions that would be shown under the "interesting" tab

Partial solutions are also welcome, like filtering bounty questions only based on my tags.

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    I don't understand. You have favorite tags and the "featured" tab. What more are you looking for? – Cody Gray Apr 30 '11 at 8:21
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    I'd like to have both combined in a single view. Featured questions having my tags. Questions having an open bounty, but only those that have at least one of my tags. I thought the question is pretty clear - maybe I need to rephrase it? – András Szepesházi May 2 '11 at 18:50

You can achieve this with a bit of an hack and the special properties bountied/featured questions have.

This search will do the trick in 99% of the cases:

intags:mine closed:no lastactive:7d.. hasnotice:1 locked:no

Let's dissect what is going on here:

  • intags:mine returns only posts that appear in tags you have marked as favorite.
  • closed:no returns only questions that are not closed
  • lastactive:7d.. for posts active in a specified time period
  • hasnotice:1 returns only posts with a notice shown below them
  • locked:0 returns only posts that are not locked

Why does this work?
Questions that have a bounty on them can't be closed, bounties can only run for 7 days so they need to have been active the last 7 days, and the maybe surprising trick: the bounty text is actually a so called post notice. Post notices can also be added when a post is locked so we rule out those keeping the questions with most likely bounty notices.

Now it is possible to have a question with a post notice, that is not locked and also not a bounty. That is why I said for 99% of the cases. Your search might return a false positive now and then.

For info on the other advanced search terms see the Help topic on searching

  • Pure awesome. Btw this answer deserves the ultimate necromancer badge - I asked this more than 6 years ago, and now bam! here is the perfect solution. – András Szepesházi Jul 26 '17 at 8:23

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