What is the name of the block after a post or comment that contains the username, gravatar, and reputation?

In the HTML it seems to be called "user-info" and contains "user-action-time", "user-gravatar32", and "user-details".

Is there a diagram naming the various elements on a SE page?

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We call it the "user card" most of the time.

An example from the FAQ:

Can I use a signature or tagline?

Please don’t use signatures or taglines in your posts. Every post you make is already “signed” with your standard user card, which links directly back to your user page. Your user page belongs to you — fill it with information about your interests, links to stuff you’ve worked on, or whatever else you like!

Or the badges page:

As you use Meta Stack Overflow to ask and answer questions, you’ll earn badges, which appear on your user page and in your user card.


How about:

Post Signature


(Shamelessly stolen from the html markup)

  • Technically the block in question would be the "Post Signature Owner" by this method. Commented Apr 29, 2011 at 19:57

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