I see lots of questions about Drupal, and there is a SE site for Drupal.

Should I flag those questions to be moved there?


If it's a new question, and it's off-topic on Stack Overflow, and you're pretty sure it's on-topic on the target site, then vote to close and flag to request a migration.

If it's an old question, don't bother unless you're a regular on the target site and you're thinking “we (target) want it from them (SO)”, not “they (target) want it from us (SO)”.


Beta sites might be deleted in the future, and I think that is the reason why migration there is disabled.
But in my opinion, it should be enabled.

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    There are only 5 destinations on the migrate dialog, so it's highly unlikely that Drupal will be added even if the site leaves public beta. – ChrisF May 6 '11 at 8:05
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    It's not disabled. It is discouraged in part for the reason you mention, but it's available to moderators. Like ChrisF said, it's unlikely to ever be enabled as a community-driven migration path due to the lack of space on the migration dialog. – Adam Lear May 7 '11 at 1:48

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