I use the name "Popular Demand" here on Meta, but everywhere else I'm "Lord Torgamus." (Fun fact: neither one of these is the name on my birth certificate!) I just visited stackexchange.com and was surprised to see both names there, in different places. I'm not sure that this is a bug, or how it could really affect anything, but it seemed weird enough that I figured it was worth reporting. Screenshot:

main profile name does not match name in network header bar

  • Only first time when you visit there? or always like that? – YOU May 6 '11 at 16:03
  • I don't think the age is right, nor the website... – studiohack May 6 '11 at 16:07
  • @YOU, I almost never visit that page, but Ctrl+F5 isn't changing it now. – Pops May 6 '11 at 16:08
  • 1
    @studiohack, because he set it like that on Stack Overflow, data got synced automatically (I think) but his top menu is still Popular Demand. – YOU May 6 '11 at 16:09
  • 1
    @studiohack, you're right, but those errors are by design. – Pops May 6 '11 at 16:09
  • 1
    @Popular, It would be funny if username on the top bar based on your meta profile, because you have most reputation here? – YOU May 6 '11 at 16:10
  • @YOU, I had the same thought, but haven't the slightest clue as to whether or not it's true. – Pops May 6 '11 at 16:13
  • I know some things use your oldest account, and some use the one with the most rep, but I have no idea how this particular page works – Michael Mrozek May 6 '11 at 16:51
  • Hah! For once, something that affects you but not me when it comes to cross-site tomfoolery! ♪ – Grace Note May 10 '11 at 18:38

The display name that appears in your network profile page is always approximately up-to-date (max 24 hours old). The display name in the top nav is only visible to you, but can be different and apparently out-of-sync.

We've added a nightly task to keep SE.com display names in sync. I just ran it once, and 3177 display names (including yours) were fixed up.

  • Ah, you even picked the right one. Grazie! – Pops May 10 '11 at 18:58
  • @Emmett Could you run the task again, please? My username on that screen has been out of sync for several months now. TIA! – Mr Lister Oct 19 '12 at 15:28
  • @MrLister Looks like your stackexchange.com displaynaem is also Mr Lister? Are you seeing something different? – Emmett Oct 19 '12 at 18:20
  • Oh... I did have 2 different names on that page, just like in the screenshot above, but I noticed it had changed shortly after I posted this comment, and I assumed you had taken care of it. Apparently someone else did; all is OK now. Thanks for checking! – Mr Lister Oct 19 '12 at 18:32
  • Glad to hear it mysteriously fixed itself! :) – Emmett Oct 19 '12 at 18:33
  • and... it's back. – Shadow Dec 26 '12 at 20:01

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