Maybe I'm confused about the criteria for receiving the Altruist badge. I put some bounty on a feature request that I thought should be implemented. However as the time was close to running out and the number of upvotes had ceased to increase I thought I'd just award the bounty.

I also awarded the bounty on Stack Overflow just afterwards on a different question. Upon receipt of the Benefactor badge I remembered the Altruist badge here on meta. However I don't seem to have received it.

Edit Just to clarify. Does this mean the reason that the badge wasn't awarded was nothing to do with a delay? Should I have received the badge soon after awarding the bounty or is it an overnight job? I don't want to accept the wrong answer.

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    If you wanted the badge so badly then you weren't really that altruistic were you? :) – Kip May 10 '11 at 2:37

There was a bug when the question had no owner - this has been fixed.


Badge scripts are run on a schedule. Wait 24 hours and if you still haven't got the badge ask then.

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