While peeking at the site analytics for Gaming, I noticed we suddenly got 3k referrals from StumbleUpon, 1.5k only this week.

I took this with my fellow mods, but we weren't able to come up with anything and, after a while, we gave up. Grace poked Rebecca, and she took a moment to grep through her analytics to share with us what the question and the bookmarks were.

Now, we could've saved a lot of time at step 1, if the Most Visited 10k-tools pane showed what questions got the most views in the last x days, as opposed to what questions got the most views and were posted in the last x days, which isn't very useful information. Alternatively we could've used the defunct "questions with the most views velocity" 10k tool, but it silently received a pleasant death.

Can we then change the "most visited" pane in the stats tab to show questions with the most views in the last x days, regardless of post date?


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