The most recent update to our voting record displayed on our profile pages now appears to take into account deleted posts, leading to significant drops in the total votes displayed for some users. My total dropped by over 1,000, and I'm totally fine with this because it is a better indicator of the current state of things on the site.

However, I noticed a discrepancy between my profile vote stats and my total all-time counts on the "voters" tab:

Profile vote stats:

enter image description here

Voters tab:

enter image description here

The voters tab still appears to show my vote total including deleted posts, so I'm wondering if this is a...

  • delay, and the voters tab information just hasn't yet been recalculated?
  • discrepancy, and the update added to the profile stats was accidentally not applied to the voters tab?
  • different view of the data, and it intentionally shows the total history of votes cast as stored in the database, not just the votes cast on publicly-visible (i.e. non-deleted) posts as is shown in our profile?

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Good catch, we were not filtering out deleted posts on the Users page.

  • To be deployed today
    – waffles
    Commented May 10, 2011 at 2:22

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