Today I received my Vox Populi badge on the skeptics site, but I had no previous Suffrage badge and didn't receive one.

Aren't the requirements for Vox Populi stricter than the Suffrage badge, so shouldn't both be awarded?

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Because some badges are more expensive to award than others, our scheduled task will only run them a certain percentage of the time.

In this case, "Vox Populi" ran before "Suffrage."

Check your profile; you should have all your stinkin' badges now :)

  • Wouldn't the Vox Populi badge be more expensive to award? Given that anyone who gaining Vox Populi could have also gained another award, Suffrage. Perhaps I have no idea what your vague terms mean, and should for some reason now insult the person asking why their duly earned badge was not registered in due time. Commented Aug 7, 2011 at 0:17
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    The badge engine is pretty simplistic. Each badge is given a "1 out of N" chance to run based on how expensive its query is, e.g. both Vox Populi and Suffrage have a 1 out of 5 chance of running. However, because there is no concept of run hierarchy, Vox can run before Suffrage, even though Suffrage would be earned before Vox. Commented Aug 8, 2011 at 4:50

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