I've asked my question in the title :).

Additionally, how much reputation will I need to do so, and what guidelines are linked with this?


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Yes, any user with at least 100 reputation gets the privilege to create new chat rooms.

As the privilege page says:

When should I create a new chat room?

When you find yourself wanting to have an extended conversation about a topic that is not covered by one of the existing chat rooms, you should create a new room for it.

And finally at 1000 reputation you can create gallery chat rooms - these are rooms where you (as the owner) can decide who can and cannot talk.

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You can create chatrooms with 100 reputation.

You can create a gallery chatroom with 1000 reputation.



For those too lazy to click the link: it requires 100 reputation to create chat rooms both here and in the main SO site. :)

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