I've asked this "question" on Area 51 Discussion Zone, asking for others to help define/vote for the 4 on-topic questions and 5 off-topic questions. The FAQ doesn't touch the issue whether these kind of "questions" is OK on Area 51 Discussion Zone.

From a "discussion" point I think it's OK, but you can't really think of it as a question though! Is it OK, should it just be edited into a more "question-like" format, or shouldn't we have such posts on Area 51 Discussion Zone at all?

I think we should update the Area 51 discussions FAQ with whatever answer we agree on here.

PS: Please, reply here to actually know your point of view rather than downvoting/upvoting the discussion, I'll delete/update it according to whatever we agree on.

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The Area 51 Discussions are for asking questions about the proposals. It's not really a place to evangelize or rally that type of support. It would be like coming here to meta SO and telling everyone they need to vote on a particular post — "Hey everyone, please vote for this answer. It's a good one!"

That "question" would be closed immediately.

I can understand the desire to rally and organize support for your proposal. But I'm also sure EVERYONE would like to see more voting and support for their proposal. Allowing those announcement-style posts would get spammy pretty fast.

Area 51 has all the features needed for people to vote on the best example questions. At some point, you have to go outside Area 51 to find more support. And at some point, the merits of the proposal have to stand on their own.

  • Actually, I'm not looking for more supporters, I'm more of looking for a way to ask the proposal followers to take note of the proposal progress (coz I think people usually forget about Area51 for a while , I know I sometimes do) .. Anyway, I get your point.. Thanks for the reply May 13, 2011 at 18:20
  • I think we need to fix the FAQ of Area 51 to be more explicit about discouraging similar discussions though :) May 13, 2011 at 18:21

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