I would be somewhat interested to see this question answered but as it is now I doubt it. It's really terrible.

How can I create an animated e-mail / SMS notification on an Android phone?

  • Post it here and let me re-write it? – Andy Mikula Jul 24 '09 at 17:31

Flag it for moderator attention, and leave a comment saying that it needs editing.

There's been a request for a spelling and grammar flag, but it's not accepted yet. It's not declined, either, though.

But for now the official thing to do in this situation is to flag it for moderator attention.

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  • Yeah! Take that, TXI! – Welbog Jul 24 '09 at 20:55
  • Moderators cannot do anything about bad grammar. If the post is so bad that is not possible to understand what said, then it should be flagged as "not an answer" (if it is an answer), or "not a real question (if it is question). – kiamlaluno Sep 25 '12 at 23:05

Edit it and make it better! As of a few months ago, all users can edit questions. Users with <2k rep need to have their edits approved by users who do have edit privileges before the changes show up, though. On SO, two approvers are needed; on other sites, only one.

  • As time and SO features progress, I see a new game emerging: Necromancer Badge Hunting :) – Nicole May 12 '11 at 19:37
  • Bah, like I need more MSO Necromancers. You're welcome to take some of my badges, if you can figure out how to unscrew them from the wall. (@Renesis) – Pops May 12 '11 at 19:40

If you have enough rep to edit a CW post, go ahead and edit it.

If you have enough rep to edit a regular post, go ahead and edit it.

If you do not have enough rep to edit the post, flag it for moderator attention or leave a comment so that hopefully some others high rep users can take the time to clean it up.

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    Why don't we have a "Flag for Rich B to fix" button? – Hilarious Comedy Pesto Jul 24 '09 at 17:51
  • Isn't that what the #SOMafia channel is for? – TheTXI Jul 24 '09 at 18:00

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