Pretty much what the title says, but I think context is needed.

I already read Is it possible to lose badges?, by the way, but this one is not a case of one no longer fulfilling the criteria but rather, at least in my opinion, never having met the criteria in the first place.

At stackoverflow.com, I answered this question about C++. I originally intended to comment on one of the existing answers (the one existing answer, technically), but either couldn't find (after three minutes) a button or link to do that, or I do not have the required privileges to comment answers yet. Thus I opted for adding my comment as an answer.

When I posted the answer, the page notified me that I have earned the "Teacher Badge" for "answering a question with rank +1 or more" (not exact wording). With it, I also got some privileges such as chat mode. However, what I did does not technically count as answering the question, as it was a comment on an existing question -- the question itself is, already, answered. For that I feel it is kinda unfair that I have earned the badge and privileges, so I'd like to ask if there is a way to un-award the badge, remove the privileges or something.

Unfortunately I'm not that self-criticizing as to downvote my own answer, and besides it is possible the site awards me with yet another badge if I did it anyway, thus adding to the irony.

Thanks in advance.


You can't, but you shouldn't worry about it, especially for such a trivial badge -- you'd "earn" it for real the next time you posted an answer that got upvoted, which has already happened. In the case of a badge that gets awarded multiple times (e.g. Nice answer), if you delete the answer you'll keep the badge, but you won't be awarded one the next time you should earn it, so even those balance out in the end

  • Upvoted....? Aww come on! When did that happen? (j/k) I was refreshing that tab like crazy, just in case... Anyway, thanks for the pointers; I didn't know about balanceable badges. Will wait a little more and see if there are more comments before ticking your as Accepted. May 14 '11 at 2:08

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