I see a new feature on any login page for Stack Exchange sites called Log In With StackExchange. I wonder why this was added? I thought that OpenID was deemed a better plan and the whole thing was dealt with and no need to put more work on it.


The SE login still uses OpenID -- Stack Exchange is beta-testing acting as an OpenID provider:

The experience has never been really stellar. You click a link, end up on a new page on a new site, with Stack Overflow (or Stack Exchange) dwarfed by MyOpenID's logo... it's a tad confusing for the not so tech savvy user.

Plus MyOpenID keeps having issues . Right now, for instance, their Captcha is forcing you to waste an extra click during signup.

To this end we're introducing openid.stackexchange.com, our own (beta) OpenID provider.

  • Surely most people have a Google account or can just get one. Is StackExchange really big enough to become an OpenId provider? – Jonathan. May 24 '11 at 19:55

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