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Questions not removed from “Linked” when comments are deleted
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Today I read this question:


It had a comment or two from a php-philiac, and I carelessly chose to comment with a link to:


I quickly thought better of it and deleted the comment since, in hindsight, linking to such a question in this context is clearly belligerent. However, coming back later, I noticed that the question to which I linked was still visible in the Linked section on the sidebar to the right (above Related). Just to be sure that I understood the process correctly, I decided to do it again by attacking regular expressions (oh my!):

RegEx - Matching Parameter Names of Functions

To wit, I linked to:

Why do people defend the regex syntax?

Again, I immediately deleted the comment.

As of writing this question, both links still appear on the right hand sidebar. Is there some process that ultimately cleans up these links? Or have I discovered a way to permanently make fun of a question I deride? ;)

(Just kidding, the second one was experimental, but I wouldn't do it intentionally again.)

  • Sorry @Tim and @random, I swear I looked for dups! – Kirk Woll May 30 '11 at 1:26

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