I've got a few questions I've answered, and I've been the only one to answer.

The answer has been up voted but the question author has still not accepted, even though the answer is valid.

Would it be possible in this scenario to have a 'Nudge Author' button available, that asks them to review the question and accept an answer.


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I see several cases:

  • The asker came just to ask one question, got his answer, and moved on. He didn't bother to learn all the features of Stack Exchange like accepting answers. Your comment is just noise because he's never going to read it.
  • The asker is new to Stack Exchange, but staying on. Be a little patient, after a few posts he'll wonder what that tick mark is and figure it out. In the meantime, your comment is just noise (it's too early).
  • The asker knows how Stack Exchange works. Your answer didn't solve his problem, so he didn't mark your answer as accepted. In this case, nudging for acceptance is downright rude.

So, no, nudging towards acceptance out of the blue is not acceptable in general.

There's one situation in which it is acceptable: if the asker left a “thank you” comment, then it's ok to reply to it and tell him something like

Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please don't leave a comment just to say “thank you”. If this answer solved your problem mark this answer as accepted.”

(You can add something about voting up if the asker already has the required 15 rep.)


No that would drive people away.

Just write comment on the question like "if it helped please Accept it" explaining why he should accept.

The comment will be visible to the person in the global Inbox on top and that's the most we can, and should, do.

  • I wouldn't suggest having the button available from the get go, only when a few criteria are met, like an upvote or two on an answer, and not having accepted an answer after maybe a week. I don't think it would drive people away, after all if a question is answered it should be marked as such! But I agree that if you ask a question you don't want to be hounded to accept on every question! Jun 5, 2011 at 11:09

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