I decided to checkout and "create a profile" on careers today, only to find that I can't do that.

If you goto careers.stackoverflow.com here's what you see:

What’s your next career move? Stack Overflow Careers has the best job listings from great companies, whether you’re looking for opportunities at a start up or Fortune 500. You can search our job listings or create a profile and let employers find you.

Except, it seems that you can't "create a profile" without an invitation. Which is unclear even after going through the pain of logging in.

Contradictory to this is the fact that once logged in you see a section titled "Your profile", with a link that says "view & manage your profile...".

Click the link and you see what looks like an FAQ, where you see the first mention of anything to do with an invite in the form:

How do I request an invite?

Yes, we have a place for that .

So after I've logged in and clicked, "view & manage your profile...", I guess your telling me that I need to request an invite to ... create my profile, which apparently I already have since under the section titled, "Your profile", I've clicked "view & manage your profile...".

Looks like the UI here needs a major clean up.

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