I thought maybe I just wasn't finding it, but after inspection of the HTML of the timeline view, I can see that there aren't any links to actual answers from the timeline view.

For example, see https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/posts/51670/timeline

At first I thought maybe clicking the poster's name was a link to the answer, since I didn't notice that the A was a link. Then I clicked the A and expected to get sent to the answer (URL), but instead it just moves me down the page to the last revision of the post (which is fine).

So, at the revisions of answers in the history, can we get an actual link to the real answer? (I.E. Why do programmers use or recommend Mac OS X?)

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    At least in the current timeline, there's a link to the timeline of each answer in the "comment" column, and from there it's only one click to get to the answer proper. A partial work-around.
    – bobble
    Jun 26 '21 at 19:19

I just came here to request the same thing (wow, 10 years!). Currently the timeline view looks like this (source):

enter image description here

For comments, the text "added" links to the comment, which is good. I'd like to see the same for answers:

  • When an answer is added, give it "added" text with a link.
  • When an answer is deleted, make the "deleted by" text be a link.


  • Get rid of the "added" text and link for comments.
  • Change the colored square in the "what" column to link to the relevant item.

Either of those (or something else I didn't suggest) would be handy.

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