I am getting an error message when I try to ask a question. I am a beginner and I don't know much about web configuration. please tell me how to find and change the web.config file. They have given in detail how to do but I could not get it.

Here's the error:

Server Error in '/' Application. Runtime Error Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

        <customErrors mode="Off"/>
    </system.web> </configuration>

Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

        <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/>

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  • Are you seeing this on Stack Overflow or one of the Stack Exchange sites? Or are you asking about some application you've developed? I highly doubt you're seeing it on a Stack site, but I gotta ask. – Daniel DiPaolo Jun 8 '11 at 3:38
  • No.I could not ask questions in stackoverflow forum.Its showing me a runtime error as the above. – spandana Jun 8 '11 at 4:01

This was an error on our (read: my) part.

The response code has been rolled back, question submission should be consistently working again.

  • Thanks for clarifying me.So i dont want to do any modification from my side.I can wait for few hours to ask questions isnt it. – spandana Jun 8 '11 at 4:00
  • its working now.i could able to post questions now. – spandana Jun 8 '11 at 4:29

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