I am quite confused now. I am not sure how much reputation I require to create a new tag.

From this question I came to know that I need 250 points to create my own Tag. But I already have the sufficient points, but when I try to create a new tag I am getting a message that I need 1500 rep points. Can anyone clarify this.

  • +1 for doing your research first. :)
    – Michael
    Jun 17 '11 at 13:43

Creating tags requires

  • 1500 reputation on Stack Overflow (due to the # of users)
  • 500 reputation on Meta Stack Exchange
  • 300 reputation on Graduated Sites that have their custom design but that are still young and relatively small
  • 150 reputation on public betas and graduated sites without a custom design

The question you linked to is years old and things have changed since then.

You can see the full list of privileges unlocked by reputation levels here.


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