Sorry if this sounds like a duplicate but i did not find what i was looking for through searching.

I've seen that you can filter every unanswered questions with "MyTags" like this is explained here : View new questions marked with any of your 'interesting tags'

I've also understood that when you click on a related tag, it is added in the search box with the OR operator like explained in the first answer here : Filtering questions by specifying multiple tags

But when i manually add tags, for instance [Excel] and [Python] in the search box, the page displays results like and AND operator (meaningly, displays posts which contains both tags).

What i intended to do was to have "MyTags" (like the first link showed) with no answers (i.e. as if i added answers:0 in the search box) but i then understand that i want the search box to act like OR for tags but AND for answers which is unlogical. Is there any other way to get this result ?

By the way, is there any way to sort Unanswered > MyTags by Newest ? By default, they are sorted by "popularity" and i did not find a way to sort them any other way.

Thanks for your help,


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