I was actually browsing to meta.stackexchange since my question concerns the entire network, but I was redirected here so I guess it's alright to ask this question here.

My problem is the following:

I've first created my stackoverflow account using my wordpress.com OpenID, but I then associated my real e-mail address with this account. Under my account settings I can see my correct e-mail address and my openid account (xxx.wordpress.com).

Now I wanted to signup to scifi.stackexchange.com. So I clicked StackExchange as my OpenID provider (since I have an account here). I entered the e-mail address which is displayed in my account and my password. However I can't log-in/register this way. It keeps saying that my e-mail address is not recognized.

Now I would prefer to set-up my account as following:

  • un-associate my wordpress.com account (I hardly use it, and it's cumbersome to log in to)
  • Set my StackExchange account as my OpenID provider
  • Log in to StackExchange using my e-mail+password
  • Log in/Register to StackExchange associated sites using the Stack Exchange OpenID.

Is this possible, or am I stuck to using my wordpress account forever now? I would really love to deleted my wordpress account and unfortunately SE is stopping me from doing this now :(.

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After some more browsing I found this answer:

How do I change my OpenID provider(s)?

In that answer it seems to be possible to use stackexchange itself for login, however when I go the mylogins page now the stackexchange option has disappeared:

Old version with stack exchange option Old version with stack exchange

New Version without stack exchange option New Version that removed SE

However you can still use the manual URL option: https://openid.stackexchange.com to use stackexchange as your openId provider. However why the button was removed I dont know :/.

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