In looking at this question, I noticed that the affable Jon Skeet had gotten a gold badge here at Meta sometime in the last day (since he didn't have it yesterday). I looked in his profile, and it was a Great Answer badge for his Jon Skeet Facts answer (well deserved, btw--hilarious thread). However, he still has five Great Answer badges at SO, but only four answers that actually qualify anymore.

Should badges be doubly awarded upon migration?


This is intentional. The reason is that badges, especially those awarded for migrated answers, will result in a net loss of a badge on StackOverflow, so Jeff has configured the migration system to migrate votes (and the badges).

Strictly speaking, you won't ever lose a badge on StackOverflow, but I consider it a net loss because you won't earn your next badge of that type. So if you had a gold badge for a 100+ score answer on SO, you'd still retain it (and gain it here once its migrated) but you wouldn't earn another badge for the next 100+ point answer.

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    Brilliant, thank yas. Didn't realize the part about foregoing your next badge. – Eric Jul 25 '09 at 19:22

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