I would like to be able to view unanswered questions on Stack Exchange rather than hopping around between the different sites I am a member of.

Is there a reason that functionality is not there?

Alternatively / Maybe better would be a Stack Exchange tab that was, unanswered on sites I am a member of, as the list grows I am sure filtering it down would probably be needed.

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    We aggregate the network, on some sites like SO questions are answered very rapidly...the page would be invalid almost as soon as it was rendered (since that aggregation also has a delay). There may be other reasons, but that's a pretty big technical/usefulness blocker in itself. – Nick Craver Jun 27 '11 at 22:32

You can already sort-of do that: On stackexchange.com, make a filter that contains the sites you're interested in, navigate to that filter with the tagged questions button, and select the no answers tab.

This is different from the unanswered tab on the individual sites, which list all questions with no upvoted answer. Maybe your feature request is to add an unanswered tab next to the no answers tab?

(Apologies if you knew this already, it wasn't clear from your question.)

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  • I actually didn't, that is close enough for me. Thanks. – Digital Powers Jun 29 '11 at 18:49

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