We have lots of wonderful keyboard shortcuts with which to compose an answer. One of these is CTRL-G, which brings up the image uploader.

Unfortunately, the resulting box requires me to remove my hands from the keyboard and click "Browse" before I get back to a browser file select tool which is keyboard friendly.
Attempting to tab to the "Browse" button moves the focus around in the greyed-out background, and you cannot type in the file input box. Even if you could, it points to C:\fakepath\ (due to this deferred bug), so typing the path there wouldn't work.

Please don't make me reach for my mouse.


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Per Jeff:

I don't care about the styling. Go with the browser default. Make it so!
<snip type="26 relevant YouTube videos"></snip>

So after the next build, you'll see the standard browser file chooser element, and the initial keyboard focus is on it.

Regarding "typing in the file input box" – with the old way, that certainly wouldn't have been possible (it would be a huge security hole in the browser); but I don't know of any browser that allows you to directly type in the real input box either. If you have a browser that allows that, you can obviously use this now.


Per balpha:

Not going to work -- the "browse" button and filename box aren't real, they just make you think you're clicking them. In reality, you're clicking the hidden file input.


well, unless you want to drop the custom styling...

I can play around with it, but if you really want to make it feel like those are real controls and not just BSing the user, that's going to be complicated, if possible at all.

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    Ah, so that's what's going on. I'll wait for @balpha to 'play around with it' before accepting an answer. Jun 28, 2011 at 13:08

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