Yesterday, this question was migrated to Webmasters by five users: Two divs, one fixed width, the other, the rest

I flagged it with the text:

Why was this migrated? The migration makes no sense to me, can it be reversed? Thanks

and it was promptly moved back to Stack Overflow (with the "migration history" cleared).

That's all good.

So today, I noticed this (admittedly poor quality) question had been migrated to Webmasters: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6509271/ie-issues-with-my-website-help-me-fix-my-css?noredirect=1

I flagged it with the text:

I think this question was wrongly migrated.

..and the flag was dismissed as invalid :( Now I'll have to flag another 9001 things to get back to 750 flag weight :o

There's evidently confusion somewhere. What's going on here?


It's possibly also worth noting that in both cases, the first close vote was by the same user.

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That migrated question was terrible, it should have been closed as "too localized".

I don't think it was wrongly migrated, I think it never should have been migrated at all. What's the first rule of fight club question migration?

Never. Migrate. Crap.

Relevant meta.webmasters discussion:

I think some HTML questions can be OK [on pro webmasters], but in general [pro webmasters] is at a higher level of "website" not "code that renders pages". It's not that pro webmasters don't code, it's that they have bigger scaling problems to solve than coding HTML for a single page.

based on that I updated the Pro Webmasters faq to include

Please note that if your question is about detailed HTML, JavaScript, or CSS coding, it might be a better fit on Stack Overflow. We prefer questions here about problems or issues that affect entire websites.

also see:
The final reckoning: HTML/CSS questions

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    Can we get "Never migrate crap" (or similar) added to the migrate dialog? I know most people won't read it, but at least if it's there we can point to it as visible documentation of this rule. And if it stops a few people posting that first migrate vote then it will be worth it.
    – ChrisF Mod
    Jun 29, 2011 at 12:28

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