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I am wondering whether it is possible to use Stack Overflow as a service Q&A engine on our own web site? I know there are OSQA and other engine clones that we can install on our site, but this will not bring a community into it.

What we need is to have some sort of integration API, like other SaaS do:

  • An ability to set up design template with different heading, logos, backlinks, etc.
  • Ability to pre-set tags in the URL, when the user clicks on a link to a specific forum on our web site.
  • Ability to send e-mail notification when a new post with a specific tag appears on Stack Overflow (or any other API to trigger notification).

I’m sure development and software business web sites will be glad to pay for such service and advertising is also satisfactorily.

Any thoughts about it?

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Stack Overflow Enterprise is available for internal use, but it is really meant for larger organizations only. The only way to leverage the engine behind SO on a public site is is via Stack Exchange and their API.

  • They only have ability to filter posts by tags and to read them via RSS, so at least it covers third item in my request list. But what about posting questions with pre-set tags? – Yaroslav Jul 5 '11 at 11:54