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Have “Tab” key insert spaces when writing a question or answer

I guess it would be great to include to indent paragraphs or lines when pressing the Tab button so that we can indent code easily than indenting it with the space bar.

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    Tab is an application key, and the browser is the application per se, not the site within it. AFAIK, the behaviour of navigating controls won't go away any time soon - and if you could override it, it may cause more trouble than it's worth. – Grant Thomas Jul 12 '11 at 11:37

You can add the tab symbol copied from other text editors (Notepad, forexample).

Also I want to note that you can rise the holy war for choosing tab or space indentation:

That said, only a moron would use tabs to format their code.
* unless you happen to be programming in whitespace or Python

For this site standard is a space indentation, and I don't think this gonna change sometimes.

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