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Is it OK to post a question and self answer it within 1 minute? Does that amount to gaming the system?

Here is the example I'm referring to.


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My take on this: The question had better be useful to others, otherwise there's no point in posting it here. i.e. Not a "find my parse error" question. The answer had better be spot on too, otherwise it belongs in the question as "This is what I've tried". Otherwise, I do find this a bit odd, but nonetheless helpful. If the user gets votes, he deserves it for sharing something he could have kept to himself.

I don't think the time between posts has any bearing, but if OP was interested in hearing other answers - it would probably be beter to post his solution later, otherwise people will assume it's resolved. However, this could be seen as being "tricky" or wasting people's time.

Sometimes I feel inclined to do this when I can't find the answer on SO, but I've resolved the issue finally after my own efforts and research. I would have been happy to have found the answer here first, so in the spirit of giving - I think it's great to post it as a question+answer. If I was looking for this, surely someone else will be too, and now the answer is on SO.

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