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Unable to edit posts with pending edits
Suggested edits should not lock the ability for others to edit

This question has some minor formatting errors, and could perhaps do with the "homework" tag being added:

So I attempted to edit it, but instead of getting the edit window, I got an edit approval popup showing me that another editor has proposed a similar change to the one I was going to make. So I approved the edit. But the approval didn't go through: it needs more than one vote.

So if there had been no proposed edit, I could just have edited the question and fixed the problem. But because another editor has proposed an edit, I cannot now make this change. In effect, the proposed edit blocks all edits until the approval has gone through or not. It would be nice if this didn't happen.

Similar points have been made by other users:

More were noted by Cody Gray and Popular Demand in comments:

I think the number of times this has been reported is evidence that the interface is not well designed for new users. A user in my situation is focused on the task of Editing the question/answer but what the suggested edit interface offers is the facility to Improve the suggestion. These are not the same thing at all.



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