As a [recent question] on SU has revealed, and another SO question has stumbled upon, it looks like the site FAQs make no mention of two recent and important changes to the bounty system:

Jeff Atwood [23rd June]
I decided it can't hurt to extend the auto-award period 24 hours past the true end of the bounty. So, the question will stop being a bounty question at the original scheduled time but the auto-accept calculations will always occur 24 hours after that.


Jeff Atwood [16th May]
If ...

  • the bounty was started by the question owner
  • the question owner accepts an answer during the bounty period
  • the bounty award period expires without an explicit award

... then we assume the question owner liked your answer when they accepted it, and it gets the full amount of the bounty at time of bounty expiration.

Can the FAQ please be updated to reflect both of these changes.

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OK, these sections are both accounted for in the /faq I just checked in.

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