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View count out of date on a Stack Overflow question

When I look on the individual user page at the number of views a particular post has, I see that (for example) the question Difference between covariance and upcasting has (at the time of writing) 690 views:

User page post views

But when we click through to the question, it records one fewer (689 at the time of writing):

Post page post views

I've had a look at a few other questions, but can't find any that display the same behaviour.

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    Someone disliked the question so much that they erased it from their memory. It's like a new kind of super-downvote. – Cody Gray Jul 21 '11 at 7:14

The reason for the difference is most likely that the two sets of data are cached, but the data on the user page was cached later (count = 690) than the data on the question page (count = 689).

(Or, perhaps, that only the data on the question page are cached, i.e., used "old" data, whereas the user page data are uncached.)

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