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Question migration does not maintain accepted answer

Today I re-visited my famous "What should a web developer know before building a public web site?" question because someone posted another answer, and I noticed two issues resulting from the migration to programmers.stackexchange:

  1. I had to re-select the accepted answer
  2. I was able to upvote this answer for a second time

I suspect these are really the same bug, because I understand from the data dump that accepted answers are just a special kind of vote; somewhere in the migration process, it's not keeping good track of my original votes. I'm not sure I had an account yet a programmers.stackexchange at the time this was first migrated.


The double voting issue has been discussed here and is currently marked Status-By-Design.

The migration does not maintain selection should be fixed, Status-Completed.

Perhaps this is just because it was an old post?

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