This is part of a series of questions which focuses on a project called the Abstraction Project, which aims to abstract the concepts used in language design in the form of a framework.

Another page associated to it related to structural typing can be viewed here. The question related to ease of use can be viewed here.

I have a question associated to the focus of stackoverflow; if someone was interested in writing a language framework and wanted to inquire about possible features, usability and so on.

Since it's not technically a question of 'how to', I wondered whether it would be an appropriate question to post.

The main thing I need assistance with is determining whether something I'm working on is simple enough to use for the Average Joe Programmer. Granted a large portion of this is in the realm of subjectivity; however, there are likely objective views that can be added into this (if most people can't use something, at what point can you objectively record it.) Further related to language features: if something's a bad idea, there can be objective reasons as to why it's a bad idea.

Focus on ease of code synthesis versus explicitly defining the nature of the code (action-based synthesis versus something like CodeDOM which requires explicitly defining the types that describe the actions/code.)

Suggestions, and directions, towards this are appreciated.

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    So, basically, your answer is the best place for it is multiple websites. I suppose that makes sense given that each website has an intended goal. Is it fine within the topics to maintain a generalized link or two to help connect the group of questions together in the case of providing context between them? Jul 26, 2011 at 1:06
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    I think linking the questions is a great idea, and it also acknowledges that they are related but (hopefully) not duplicates of one another. I wouldn't scatter things too much, but keeping with what's on topic from one site to another will help your chances of success.
    – jonsca
    Jul 26, 2011 at 1:23
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    If you'd prefer to submit your initial comment as an answer, that works. Jul 26, 2011 at 22:52

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Breaking the issues down into smaller, addressable components is much better than trying to encompass what could be a huge field of inquiry in 1-2 questions.

A site like Programmers.SE would afford you more flexibility with the more conceptual questions, but read the Good Subjective, Bad Subjective blog post to get an idea of the limits on this. If you already have some code in hand, check out CodeReview.SE, and of course look over their FAQ, too.

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