On many occasions, I've found questions that should be moved to AskUbuntu, or Unix/Linux, but when I click the "flag" link, I don't have those as options. I hate to leave something flagged as off-topic with no suggestion of where to put it, so I just cancel.

  1. What determines the sites that show up on that list?

  2. Is it best to flag them off topic even if the ideal site doesn't appear?


This was discussed in More Options When Flagging for Migration. Quoting Jeff:

There are only 5 blessed migration slots, of which 1 is dedicated to meta.

This is a "Don't Make Me Think" barrier; we don't want to present closers with a list of 12 different destinations and make them suss out which one is correct. There should be 4 most frequently correct destinations + meta. If you believe a pet site deserves a place in that list, prove it with data of existing closed questions, not blue sky "what if there were.." imagineering

If you feel strongly a question belongs on a site that isn't listed, then there is a way to do this -- flag them for moderator attention instead!

Can you make a case that these Unix questions are more prevalent than one of the other 4, and should displace it in the list? Do you have data to support this, in the form of a giant list of closed questions that belonged on {x} site?

(I am also disinclined to randomly migrate questions in the network unless they are of good quality, and strong fits to the target site.)

Personally, I flag them as "other" and include where I think they belong in the message to the moderators.

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