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Chat Moderators Enabling Under-20 Rep Users Speak in *Their* Rooms To Help Newbies Ramp Up [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Invite low rep users to participate in chat Question answering is a large percentage of the traffic in the typical language/library discussion group. And like many of the SO semi-...
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Can we allow users with 1k reputation (or something) to grant users without the reputation access to a specific chat room? [duplicate]

There have been several times I have been helping a user with a question and things aren't quite working out perfectly, and the comments keep getting longer and longer and longer. We've all been there,...
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Enable chat for users with insufficient rep when a discussion starts in comments [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Invite low rep users to participate in chat This is closely related to this question but it is specifically a feature request. The 'new suggestion' in that post wasn't ...
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Can chat depend on one user's privilege only, as chat is most useful when encountering new users? [duplicate]

Currently stackoverflow asks me to move the discussion to chat, but the questioner doesn't have enough points to be able to chat. It would be more useful to be able to chat with the questioner even ...
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Etiquette for posting civil and informative comments

Sometimes I leave a comment like "Stack Overflow is not your personal research assistant," but am accused of being rude. How can I craft a comment that is seen as civil to the community and ...
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Disable chat migration notification if one of the users has insufficient rep?

Simple request, really. Can we add a detection for the Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat? prompt, so that if one of ...
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What is a 'superping'?

I've seen the word 'superping' be used across SE meta sites. What does it mean? Is it just a synonym of the word 'ping' (ie. using @ followed by a user's name to give them a notification in their ...
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I was able to post in chat with less than 20 rep by joining 20 sites

I joined 20 other sites (out of the many) and even with 1 rep was able to post in any of the chatrooms. For example: In ELL, I have just 1 rep and have posted messages in its chat. ell.stackexchange....
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I'd like to propose that users with high reputation be able to chat with users with low reputation

Right now if I try to start a chat page with a user with a reputation of 1, it spits out the common: User X on has Y reputation, not yet enough to chat I certainly understand that the user should ...
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Allow temporary guest accounts in chat

When organizing an event on chat, it is sometimes nice to invite an expert or a guest. Yet such person must go through the process of making OpenID, registering account, going to chat, setting write ...
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Suggested Privilege: Inviting new users to chat

Superpings allow moderators to ping any user on the site from the chatroom, even if they haven't been in the chat in the recent past. If the superpinged user doesn't have a chat account because he ...
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"Newbie" doesn't have enough reputation to talk in chat [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: SO Chat: Why is it that “Only members of Stack Overflow with at least 20 reputation may talk…”? I just tried the new feature to move a conversation to chat, ...
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If users with <20 rep can't chat, why does SO nag me to move comment threads to chat? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Disable chat migration notification if one of the users has insufficient rep? I frequently find myself helping new users with <20 rep with questions. These users need more than ...
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Add "invite user to chat" function on main site

I really enjoy the chat and sometimes I feel like I'd like to invite a user to my chat room from the main site. I'm sure you know the situation where you get involved in a discussion on the main site ...
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Chat: can I grant write access to a unregistered user?

Following this SO question, I am trying to invite a new user (rep < 20) to a chat room (a bit in the spirit of my previous question about chat invitation). I have created the Jenkins room and tried ...
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