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Feeds from several sites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: RSS feed of your favorite tags Is there a way to see questions with a certain tag from all Stack Exchange sites? I am a programmer and wanted to know if there was a way to ...
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How to search all Stack Exchange sites for a specific tag [duplicate]

(I'm assuming that some tags exist on more than one site.) e.g. I tried doing search across all sites (i.e. here on META), for the tag iOS, by using syntax of [iOS], but the results seem to indicate ...
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What about meta-meta Stack Exchange?

Meta Stack Exchange (which emerged from Meta Stack Overflow after the Stack Exchange network was spawned) is great; it gives you a chance to talk about the Stack Exchange network in a disconnected ...
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Please allow including a full site in the StackExchange™ GlobalTag MegaBlender™ aggregation

Wildcard support is a great step, however I'd like to propose going a step further. For smaller sites, it isn't as necessary to limit things by tags because you aren't getting overrun by the immense ...
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Please add wildcard support to the StackExchange™ GlobalTag MegaBlender™

This is an intentional re-post of this answer because waffles said so. The existing boxes for adding "interesting" and "ignored" tags supports wildcards. For example, entering &...
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How to search for sites having a certain tag?

I want the list of Stack Exchange sites that support a tag, let's say sun. How to find a list of all sites that have the sun as one of the tags, instead of searching in all individual sites?
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Could we add "There is another SE site about this" indicator to some tags?

I've noticed that there are often questions on SO that don't really belong there, because there is a dedicated site for the purpose, but probably get asked because the user hasn't found that. For ...
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How might users best be directed to the network-wide filters?

After several months on SO/SE, I finally stumbled across and set up a filter for the tags and sites I am interested in. Doing so has already increased the variety of ...
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How do you filter twice by tag? [duplicate]

If you go to 'tags' and click a tag, you get questions filtered by that tag. How can you refine the filter with another tag (without having to type the tag name into the search bar)? Clicking ...
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How to watch tags across more than one Stack Exchange site

How do users watch any given tag across multiple Stack Exchange sites? For example, to watch [bash] or [awk] I watch the tag on Stack Overflow. However, it appears I must re-watch that same tag on, e....
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Possible to only view questions that are tagged with one of your "favorite tags"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we have a page with only questions about interesting tags? Is there some way that I can only view questions that are tagged with one of my favorite tags? If not, would ...
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Allow tags that don't exist yet to be used in the StackExchange™ GlobalTag MegaBlender™

I've been trying to keep up with Jin's new design questions on the various beta StackExchange sites using the StackExchange™ GlobalTag MegaBlender™, but I've hit a snag — the MegaBlender™ doesn't ...
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