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Would it be OK to paste content from Wikipedia into a popular empty tag-wiki?

Assuming that you could make a nice tag-wiki simply by pasting and editing content from Wikipedia, is there any problem with doing something like that? There are a lot of empty tag wikis that would ...
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What guidance should be given when edits are rejected?

I'm hoping to get rid of the "too minor" edit rejection reason, in favor of a more direct way of indicating edits that fail to significantly improve a post. We're also fixing to warn editors ...
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Are highly upvoted answers, accepted answers posted here considered as rules?

On Hinduism Meta, I often find users citing answers posted on this site as if they are rules. I was of the impression though, that rules are the ones which are covered in the Help Center. So, are ...
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Please don't ask us to act on other websites in a way you made impossible on yours (aka be fair about nofollow)

Currently ToS requires, that when we reuse content from Stack Exchange sites: You will ensure that any such Internet use of Subscriber Content Hyperlink each author name directly back to his or her ...
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Copy and pasting Wikipedia articles into tag-wikis [duplicate]

A user has recently been going through several tag-wikis on Stack Overflow and copy and pasting from Wikipedia into the excerpt and tag-wiki. I flagged one of his posts and asked a mod to send him a ...
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We need tag wiki plagiarism audits

Yes, it's time for me to complain about plagiarism again. We already have Suggested Edit audits, but I would like to see Tag Wiki and Tag Wiki Excerpt audits that specifically introduce copied ...
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Should links to Wikipedia be removed or disallowed on tag wiki pages?

I was just browsing through the review tab, and I saw a link to Wikipedia at the bottom of a tag information/about page. After looking around, I have seen quite a few of these. (I was going to post on ...
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A comment box to verify suspected plagiarism when reviewing

I created a tag and wrote wiki content on it. It was approved, however, I notice one of the reviewers rejected it as: This edit plagiarizes content from an external source without proper ...
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Feature request: large warning when pasting into tag wikis

Lately (on Server Fault at least) we've been seeing many tag wiki edits where people copy and paste content from other websites without the slightly bit of rewriting. Every site I've checked out ...
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Should we instruct how to create and review tag wikis better?

I've just ran across these two edit suggestions: A wiki excerpt suggestion which is a complete copypasta with apparently no attribution, and of course, not condensed enough to be helpful as an ...
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