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How to migrate question to [duplicate]

Faq says that you need 250 points to be able to vote for migration of questions, but still I don't see how to do that.
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Is it worthwhile to migrate questions that already have accepted answers? [duplicate]

Is it worth it to migrate off-topic questions that already have an accepted answer?
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I've lost a lot of rep when the question with my answer has disappeared [duplicate]

I had a chosen answer with a significant amount of upvotes and bounty awarded. Months after answering, the question disappeared and I lost the 400 rep. I am not in this for the points, but when you ...
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What are the guidelines for flagging posts for migration to another site? [duplicate]

I see a post on site A that I want to migrate to site B (where site B is not on the list of eligible sites for migration when closing a question as off topic, or I don't have enough reputation to vote-...
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Why are posts closed as off-topic if suited for another Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

The majority of questions I see as being closed for being "off-topic" specifically say (when voting to close) the question is suited for some other Stack Exchange site. Makes sense, but why close it ...
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What is a rejected migration? [duplicate]

I have noticed that in both the 10k tools and in many Meta questions, 'rejected' migrations are referenced. What are they? How is one rejected? What happens?
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How do I request migration of a question from site X to site Y [duplicate]

A question posted on one Stack Exchange site does not belong on that site, but might fit well on another Stack Exchange site. How can I get the question moved from its current site to the other site?
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Concept of "Industry Standard" / "Best Practice" [duplicate]

I understand that principle of asking for "opinion-based" is not welcome on SO, but those questions are very important to development and mastering specific technology field. Should there be ...
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Downvote for off topic after migration [duplicate]

I posted a question on Home Improvement, then it is migrated to Super User and get downvoted due to off topic there. It's my fault to be off topic on HI but not on SU. HI rep should change but not SU. ...
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What is the relation between Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

Although this question is related: What is the difference between Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange? it doesn't answer the question of whether or not questions can be moved between these two areas. I ...
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Is there a way to migrate a question to a SE site not on the "belongs on" list? [duplicate]

Is there a way to vote a question "belongs on" a StackExchange site, that is not one of the sites provided in the close > off topic menu?
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How to report that a question should be migrated to another site? [duplicate]

How do I report that a question should be moved to a different site (from to, in example)?
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Why don't we migrate more? [duplicate]

So today, I asked a question on UX and received the following comment about this being a legal issue and not being allowed on UX. Why wasn't this post migrated to the Legal Stack Exchange? How do you ...
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A moved question lost tags [duplicate]

I wrote a question on a Stack Exchange site, only to find out that a few hours later, it was moved to another site in the Stack Exchange network. It's OK, but when the question was moved, the tags I ...
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How do I migrate a question to a more appropriate SE site? [duplicate]

I asked a question on SO and someone has pointed out (via a close vote) that it would be better suited to Super User. I agree. Let's move the question. How do I do that? A minute or two of looking ...
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