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Why is this site so drab? [duplicate]

Duplicate Post: Here's a Meta UserVoice Question: Can You Bring The Color Back? The colors (or lack there of) are KILLING MY EYES. Is it just me or is it really awful?
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[Meta] Please! Change the site color [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can you bring the color back to meta? Please change this site's color scheme. It is hard on my eyes, therefore I have boycotted it until area51 claimed this as their meta site....
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Operation 'Split, All The Metas!' Shall Commence On April 16, 2014

Update 2014-04-17 04:47 UTC: Stable, with some odds and ends to clean up The main MSO/MSE sites are stable, but there are plenty of corners left to sweep. For details, see: The Status Of The ...
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100 thousand views or more: "thousand" comes below "views"

I came across this on the main page of Stack Overflow. If it matters, I'm using Firefox 3.5.2 on Windows 7 RC. alt text
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"View standard site" option for mobile devices?

Many sites which have mobile versions (e.g. Amazon) allow you to force the site into "standard" mode - letting the user decide for themselves that they're happy to use more bandwidth, deal with any ...
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What is your opinion of the new tag "subscribers" tooltip?

When you hover over a tag for a second, you see a new popup (at least I think it's new, i've never seen it before) that has subscriber information about the tag. Personally, I find this highly ...
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My answers don't get accepted - what can I do?

On Arqade I am kinda well informed. After my registration on it, I answered several questions on the same topic, asked by the same person. Now these answers are about two weeks old and I know the ...
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It is hard to read (comments at) a downvoted answer

Summary It's difficult to read [the comments at] a heavily downvoted answer. Improve it! Heavily downvoted answers are styled such that they're less notable. This is a good method to separate bad ...
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User-Specific CSS

It would be nice if users could add their own styles to the CSS-Rules on SO. This is nothing more than a textarea in the user preferences that takes precedence over the default styles. Users could ...
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Make links in downvoted posts be grey, just like the text

Downvoted posts are nicely rendered some sort of greyish. However, links are not. That makes links in such posts stand out even more. If there is some wish list for minor CSS tweaks: maybe make the ...
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Don't grey out negative answers on Meta sites [duplicate]

I'm not suggesting to apply this on main sites (-3 score), as wrong answers or with bad advice/bad code (etc) are beneficial being less visible (greyed out). However, Metas are different beasts to ...
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Themes for Stack Exchange sites

Does Stack Exchange offer themes (just like in gmail) where the user can choose his best liked theme for each site? If not, how about having it?
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Questions tagged with interesting tags are too orange on StackOverflow [closed]

I don't like the orange color of the questions with tags which are in my 'Interesting tags' list. They just distract me too much. Do other people also think they are too orange? Should they be more ...
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Remove the [removing] and [removal] tags [closed]

I see the remove tag has been taken care of. However, its equally worthless cohorts removing and removal remain. How about banishing those as well?
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Badge for accepted answers with a certain number of downvotes

There should be bronze, silver and gold badges awarded to accepted answers with a certain number of downvotes. Take a look at this one, an accepted answer with a whopping of -42 downvotes! It's not ...
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