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expandable text in answers for version b and for explanation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Could we please have a clickable arrow to expand hidden content? What about links in answer that stands for showing additional information? I have answered a question on SO, ...
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Please add the ability to fold blocks of code in questions and answers

It would be great to have the option to fold code snippets, entire questions and answer posts on a user basis and allow defining some generic foldable regions within the question/answer editor. Non ...
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Add markdown support for hidden-until-you-click text (aka spoilers)

Use cases: Programming puzzles. This way the answer can be posted the same time as the question, eliminating doubt that no answer is possible for hard questions and proving that the question is not a ...
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Should the markdown renderer treat a single line break as <br>?

Inspired by Markdown, One Year Later, a question I think would be better suited to here, than the blog's comment system.. As for #3, "Automatic return-based linebreaks instead of "two ...
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What's the exact syntax for spoiler markup [duplicate]

Following the Do we want the “spoiler” feature turned off? thread on, it's clear that the spoiler markup has a wrinkle or two that I didn't at first appreciate. For information's sake, ...
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Mouse cursor doesn't change to pointer when hovering "full site" on mobile

When (accidentally) clicking "mobile" in the footer, one gets the mobile site in a regular browser too. To switch back, one can click "full site" in that same footer: However: when hovering it, the ...
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Does the spoiler markdown work on images?

In an answer, I tried to use the spoiler markdown to hide an image. (It wasn't offensive, but it was unappetizing which seems worthy of hiding on Seasoned Advice.) But the image seems not to be ...
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Differentiate spoilers from empty block quotes

I have to admit, I didn't even know spoilers were supported until today, but really bugs me that spoilers just look like empty block quotes before you mouse over them. vs.     I suppose the ...
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Can't see spoilers on touchscreen

I asked about it on and they told me to post it here. Probably need to add the :active to the :hover meta class or something like that. Example:
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Add required number of posts to tag badge descriptions

Tag badges have a required score and a required number of answers, but the required number of answers isn't included on the individual badge's description page, only in the sidebar of the tag badges ...
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Cannot view spoilers on iPad when logged in [duplicate]

I am viewing this question on my iPad: Is there an explanation for Amy Pond's selective remembering of people? How do I view the spoilers on the question? There is no way for me to "hover ...
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Long code in question: Adding a hide/display button [duplicate]

Many a time and oft there is a real need for long sequences of code, especially stack traces or error logs. This also happens in other SE sites, TEX being a good example. Unfortunately, these long ...
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Make it clear an empty box is a spoiler [duplicate]

I've made a comment in the thread about the spoiler markup about this, but I think it deserves a feature-request now - we've been getting a lot of use of the spoiler syntax on gaming. The spoiler box ...
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Use spoilers from mobile theme on regular sites too

On mobile, spoilers show a single small box with the text "Click to show spoiler". Why not use that on the regular sites too? Advantages: It works on an iPad and any other device. It supports images,...
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