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Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason [duplicate]

Yesterday I had flagged mysql-select-query, question as "Not a Real Question", and my flag was declined. But when I checked the question today, it had been closed as "Not a Real Question". I don't ...
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This is Vandalism?! What the heck? [duplicate]

This post was flagged by the system as vandalism, because the user had just deleted five of his old junk answers (need 10K rep to see): Answer 7995793 Answer 7996014 Answer 8024704 Answer 8041394 ...
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Declined NAA flag - why? [duplicate]

This answer looks very much as not-an-answer to me but was declined (no evidence). On the bright side: it was at least deleted :-) Screenshot so <10K can judge as well: Any idea as to why my ...
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My flags are disputed, but flagged posts are deleted [duplicate]

6 of my "not an answer" flags were disputed over the night, but the flagged answers are gone. I'll post some links. Maybe somebody with 10k+ rep can confirm that the answers are deleted: Problem ...
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Flagged needed mod attention, question closed by mod, but flag declined? [duplicate]

I couldn't find anything specific regarding this as all flag questions seem to address the flag in particular, that said: I usually wouldn't post anything like this as it is just a flag, and the ...
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A moderator declined your flag [duplicate]

The flagging page specifically states: "Something not quite right? Let us know about it." I was flagging some items yesterday, including this question, which says: The main problem I have is that ...
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Declined "off topic" flag confusion [duplicate]

I try to pride myself on being fair and efficient when raising flags on SO and am trying to keep as high of a ratio for helpful:disputed(and now declined) flags as possible. I raised one today for a ...
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Flag: "Please don't misuse the offensive flag on posts like this" [duplicate]

Yesterday, I flagged as "not a real question" because the question was not in proper quality. The flag has been declined by a moderator; however, the ...
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Flagged answer was "helpful" but was not deleted [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why does flag marking as helpful/declined not always correlate with moderator action? An answer I flagged today as being of a "very low quality" was deemed to be "helpful": ...
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Why aren't some helpfully flagged questions closed? [duplicate]

Take, for example, this question, in which it is not clear what the asker is asking. I had flagged this question as "unclear what you're asking" which was deemed helpful, but apparently no action has ...
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Flag declined when moderator attention was actually needed [duplicate]

I flagged this question using the "Other (needs moderator attention)" option, and in the textbox I put User seems to be posting answers to quizzes in a place where other students can easily access it....
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Why was my flag invalid when the requested action was taken? [duplicate]

On the heels of a recent post regarding a user spamming "Thanks in advance is considered extremely rude" and starting arguments on several posts, I ended up sending in 3 detailed flags on posts where ...
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Answer flagged as "not an answer" still exists (was not removed) [duplicate]

Some number of days ago I came across this answer which I felt was a very poor attempt to answer the question. So I flagged it as "not an answer", and a while later my flag was marked as "helpful". ...
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How can a flag be helpful without any action taken? [duplicate]

I flagged this question to be duplicate of this one and my report was marked as helpful: But I do not see any action taken. I suppose the duplicate question should be closed. Then how is the flagged ...
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flag: declined, but acted upon [duplicate]

This answer had a rather unhealthy discussion happening in the comments section and was still ongoing. I flagged with other, message: "post needs comments ...
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