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Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason [duplicate]

Yesterday I had flagged mysql-select-query, question as "Not a Real Question", and my flag was declined. But when I checked the question today, it had been closed as "Not a Real Question". I don't ...
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This is Vandalism?! What the heck? [duplicate]

This post was flagged by the system as vandalism, because the user had just deleted five of his old junk answers (need 10K rep to see): Answer 7995793 Answer 7996014 Answer 8024704 Answer 8041394 ...
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Declined NAA flag - why? [duplicate]

This answer looks very much as not-an-answer to me but was declined (no evidence). On the bright side: it was at least deleted :-) Screenshot so <10K can judge as well: Any idea as to why my ...
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My flags are disputed, but flagged posts are deleted [duplicate]

6 of my "not an answer" flags were disputed over the night, but the flagged answers are gone. I'll post some links. Maybe somebody with 10k+ rep can confirm that the answers are deleted: Problem ...
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Flagged needed mod attention, question closed by mod, but flag declined? [duplicate]

I couldn't find anything specific regarding this as all flag questions seem to address the flag in particular, that said: I usually wouldn't post anything like this as it is just a flag, and the ...
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A moderator declined your flag [duplicate]

The flagging page specifically states: "Something not quite right? Let us know about it." I was flagging some items yesterday, including this question, which says: The main problem I have is that ...
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Declined "off topic" flag confusion [duplicate]

I try to pride myself on being fair and efficient when raising flags on SO and am trying to keep as high of a ratio for helpful:disputed(and now declined) flags as possible. I raised one today for a ...
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Flag: "Please don't misuse the offensive flag on posts like this" [duplicate]

Yesterday, I flagged as "not a real question" because the question was not in proper quality. The flag has been declined by a moderator; however, the ...
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Flagged answer was "helpful" but was not deleted [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why does flag marking as helpful/declined not always correlate with moderator action? An answer I flagged today as being of a "very low quality" was deemed to be "helpful": ...
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Why aren't some helpfully flagged questions closed? [duplicate]

Take, for example, this question, in which it is not clear what the asker is asking. I had flagged this question as "unclear what you're asking" which was deemed helpful, but apparently no action has ...
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Flag declined when moderator attention was actually needed [duplicate]

I flagged this question using the "Other (needs moderator attention)" option, and in the textbox I put User seems to be posting answers to quizzes in a place where other students can easily access it....
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Why was my flag invalid when the requested action was taken? [duplicate]

On the heels of a recent post regarding a user spamming "Thanks in advance is considered extremely rude" and starting arguments on several posts, I ended up sending in 3 detailed flags on posts where ...
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Answer flagged as "not an answer" still exists (was not removed) [duplicate]

Some number of days ago I came across this answer which I felt was a very poor attempt to answer the question. So I flagged it as "not an answer", and a while later my flag was marked as "helpful". ...
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How can a flag be helpful without any action taken? [duplicate]

I flagged this question to be duplicate of this one and my report was marked as helpful: But I do not see any action taken. I suppose the duplicate question should be closed. Then how is the flagged ...
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flag: declined, but acted upon [duplicate]

This answer had a rather unhealthy discussion happening in the comments section and was still ongoing. I flagged with other, message: "post needs comments ...
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Reasons for keeping Off-Topic question [duplicate]

I recently flagged a question as off-topic: and my flag was marked as "Helpful" yet the question still ...
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Why was question flag declined when requested action was taken? [duplicate]

I found a few other related questions, but they were in regards to flags for different reasons such as closing the question. I flagged a question to say that all comments were obsolete. I would have ...
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Custom flag incorrectly declined [duplicate]

I flagged this question ("convert my perl code to PHP") as "Too localized and off topic". My flag was declined. The reason I flagged it that way instead of using the closing tool is that I had used ...
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Request for clarification on a flag decline [duplicate]

Just wondering if someone could clarify the reason as to why my flag was declined for an answer on this question (I have added the link to the answer which has been deleted but anyone with moderator ...
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Declined flag, but post was deleted [duplicate]

I flagged this post as "Not an answer" but my flag was declined: I want to improve my flags by understanding what posts should I flag and what kind of flag should I arise, so I entered the question ...
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Helpful migration flag, but no action [duplicate]

I cannot understand why my flag was marked as helpful if no action was taken on it. I am talking about this flag on this question. It's helpful but no action was done on it. Any explanation how ...
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"Low quality answer" Flag was declined, however post was ultimately deleted [duplicate]

I flagged this post as "Low Quality Answer" since it was lacking content as well as it had formatting issues. You could have a look at the Revision History to verify. Looking at the revision history, ...
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Why was the flag declined, even though the answer was deleted? [duplicate]

I had flagged this answer as not an answer. The flag was declined by a moderator stating this reason declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong ...
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Why was my flag for "too localized" declined, but the question closed with the "too localized" reason? [duplicate]

I flagged this question as too localized. Today I looked at my flagging history and saw that my flag was declined with the message flagging questions to beg for help is abuse of the flagging system....
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Why didn't my helpful flag result in the reopening of my question? [duplicate]

Some days ago, I asked a question which got 4 down votes and further put on hold by mr. minitech citing the reason that it was too broad and answers would be apparently very long not suitable for this ...
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I comment on answer why NAA and flagged but my flag is declined [duplicate]

Regarding this post, I flag NAA and comment on that post. How your answer is different from above answer The post is deleted, but my flag is declined. Why?
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Allow moderators to reverse and/or nullify flag decisions

We've been getting a lot of complaints about moderator flag decisions being incorrect or inconsistent lately. Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason Why does flag marking as helpful/...
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Why are the moderators being so strict with quality related flags recently?

I recently flagged a question as "very low quality", just like I've flagged many questions in the past. However, my flag was found to be unhelpful this time. The same thing happened when I recently ...
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If a flag turns out to be be useful, can the "disputed" status be updated?

I flagged a post on Stack Overflow, but as it wasn't accepted, I got a "disputed" in my flag stats. But to my surprise, the question was actually put on hold an hour later. No edits or ...
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Flag deemed not helpful but was

I submitted a flag on this question ' How to check for equals? (0 == i) or (i == 0) ' because it was poor but had an open bounty. As such, it could not be closed, so I flagged it with the message: ...
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