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Close/NAA/VLQ flags: Helpful/Disputed/Declined outcome change

This is a follow-up to: (Flags) Leave Open ~ Declined, Looks OK ~ Disputed? A long time ago, both types of flags had the same type of behavior. Both would place the post into the respective community ...
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I comment on answer why NAA and flagged but my flag is declined [duplicate]

Regarding this post, I flag NAA and comment on that post. How your answer is different from above answer The post is deleted, but my flag is declined. Why?
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Sandboxing the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to make it international

The content was taken from the rev. 233 of FAQ for Stack Exchange sites to test an idea shared on a comment to my answer to Help develop the site and community knowledge base in your language. The ...
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Re-mark declined flags as helpful if the question is later put on hold/closed for that reason

When I flagged this question on Android Enthusiasts for being off-topic (it's a development question), I got my flag declined without a stated reason: However (almost a month later!) the question has ...
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Flagged comments show as "helpful" when post was deleted but remain visible

This could potentially be a duplicate of Why does flag marking as helpful/declined not always correlate with moderator action?, but the timing makes me think maybe not. There was a lengthy discussion ...
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How do 'useful' flags work? [duplicate]

I flagged a question on ELU as proofreading, (which it is). I see later that it has been put on hold, but only by Dan Bron and tchrist♦. How do flags work? I'm not trying to get a mention or any ...
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What happens to closure flags if the question has been edited?

I recently came across a question that was clearly lacking enough detail to be answered in its current state. I commented, extensively showing that details were missing and the question was unclear as ...
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Details of a declined off-topic flag where the question was still closed

The canonical question on how a flag can be declined even though the action it suggests is still taken has this to say on what happens to off-topic flags that go through a review queue: If your ...
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"Low quality answer" Flag was declined, however post was ultimately deleted [duplicate]

I flagged this post as "Low Quality Answer" since it was lacking content as well as it had formatting issues. You could have a look at the Revision History to verify. Looking at the revision history, ...
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Please provide a moderator decline that does not penalize flaggers

I recently got penalized for flagging an answer that does not meet Stack Overflow's standards. The flag was declined, and I suspect because it was an accepted answer. In this case, the declined flag ...
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Flagged "not an answer", flag marked helpful but answer still exists

I flagged this answer, which was marked as helpful. So why does this post still exist? Someone edited the post a few minutes back, so here's the original revision that I flagged: Could you try ...
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Declined flag, but post was deleted [duplicate]

I flagged this post as "Not an answer" but my flag was declined: I want to improve my flags by understanding what posts should I flag and what kind of flag should I arise, so I entered the question ...
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Why was question flag declined when requested action was taken? [duplicate]

I found a few other related questions, but they were in regards to flags for different reasons such as closing the question. I flagged a question to say that all comments were obsolete. I would have ...
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Helpful migration flag, but no action [duplicate]

I cannot understand why my flag was marked as helpful if no action was taken on it. I am talking about this flag on this question. It's helpful but no action was done on it. Any explanation how ...
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Flag helpful but no action taken on tag war

In regards to I left a comment suggesting that the author should re-tag his question after he went into a 'tag war' with another high-rep user on the site. ...
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